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Jewellery has seasons and eras, just like the fashion industry. Some designs are considered “classic” and some look outdated and gaudy 20 years later. A growing trend among our clients is to have their gemstones refashioned and remounted into new and customisable jewellery pieces. 

Remounting stones is a wonderful way to give your gemstones a new, fashionable life. This is a better way than storing your older pieces in safe boxes or giving excuses to your spouse for not wearing them.

Sometimes for sentimental reasons, a client wants to merge two or more pieces of jewellery into a symbolic new piece. This is possible through remounting. An example is remounting a yellow gold wedding set into a more current and contemporary white gold or platinum.

Another example is the ruby ring below with a 916 gold setting ring design, passed down in a client’s family. The client loves the gemstone and wishes to keep the jewellery in memory of the mother, however the design is a bit old-fashioned. With remounting, the ruby ring is given a new lease of life.



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